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Spend the Dragon Boat Festival together! Visit "teloon Tianlong Cup"
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In the 1990s, Wenzhou tennis players gathered in Yaoxi to spend the Dragon Boat Festival together! Visiting "teloon Tianlong Cup" and recalling Jiushan Tennis Invitational Tournament

Taking part in tennis matches during the holidays has become a big choice for tennis players in Wenzhou. June 12 is the first day of Chinese traditional Dragon Boat Festival holiday. The "teloon Tianlong Cup" yijiushan Tennis Invitational Tournament was held in Yaoxi International Tennis Center of Wenzhou. Tennis players from Wenzhou in the 1990s gathered together to enhance friendship, exercise and enjoy the health and happiness brought by tennis.

Wenzhou is the birthplace of Chinese landscape poetry, with profound cultural environment and crisscross mountains, rivers, rivers and seas. It was once known as "Venice in southern Zhejiang". In the 1980s and 1990s, there were not many people playing tennis in Wenzhou, and there were few courts. At that time, the first two tennis courts in Wenzhou were in Jiushan. All the tennis players who participated in the invitational tournament were those who used to play tennis in Jiushan. All the players miss the time when they used to sweat in Jiushan tennis court.

The purpose of holding this invitational tournament is to let the tennis players of Wenzhou in the 1990s express their friendship with friends of the club, and let the friendship last forever, let the tennis spirit of Wenzhou stay forever, go forward hand in hand, and jointly promote the healthy and development of Wenzhou amateur tennis industry. The original intention of this tournament is to make contributions to the promotion of Wenzhou tennis.

   As the so-called solo music is not as good as all music, the teloon Tianlong Cup Invitational Competition provides a platform for Wenzhou tennis players to exchange and compete in tennis skills in the 1990s. After the game, everyone said, "we are busy at ordinary times. We can meet Yao Xi tennis court during the Dragon Boat Festival holiday, meet friends with the ball and spend the Dragon Boat Festival together and play a friendly game. It's really happy!" In the atmosphere of everyone's laughter, the competition was over. This competition, let the tennis people in Wenzhou in the 1990s have a memorable Dragon Boat Festival holiday.


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