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Zhu Aiwen: the spokesman of teloon Tianlong tennis!
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Zhu Aiwen is a Chinese woman tennis player with elegant temperament, beauty and strength. She won the women's Doubles Championship with her teammate Han Xinyun at the peace Station of the 2020 China Tennis Tour.

As a professional tennis brand with more than 30 years history, the brand spokesman matrix of teloon Tianlong has been dominated by tennis stars and professional athletes. This time, Zhu Aiwen, a professional tennis player, was chosen as the spokesman of teloon brand because of its beautiful and generous image and professional and excellent technical strength, which conforms to the internal requirements of "health + happiness + strength" of teloon brand, and shows teloon Tianlong's determination to build a brand internationalization and brand youth.

Zhu Aiwen has been concerned about her studying hotel management major by virtue of tennis specialty in "American University". She has such unique conditions. She has infinite charm on the tennis court every time, and constantly breaks through the road of pursuing wonderful tennis life. Teloon Tianlong brand will join hands with Zhu Aiwen to add confidence to tennis lovers, encourage tennis fans to pursue better themselves, and jointly explain "where there is Tianlong, there is sports, health and happiness".

Zhu Aiwen won the women's Doubles Championship of Anning station in 2020

Zhu Aiwen, the winner of women's doubles at Anning station in 2020, graduated from the hotel management major of University of Nevada at Las Vegas (UNLV). After returning from her studies in 2019, she chose to "return" to professional tennis. Why should she say "return"? Because this is a story of "starting from the beginning again".

Before going to the United States to study, Zhu Aiwen was facing a "role change" from a teenager to a career. Due to the gap between her performance and the expected goal, she gradually felt confused about the tennis road ahead of her. The pressure inevitably diluted her love for tennis. Under the long-term pressure of her physical and mental health, Zhu Aiwen's life was full of pressure, She chose to slow down the pace of her career and came to the other side of the ocean in the United States to become a college student athlete.

University of Nevada at Las Vegas (UNLV) hotel management is currently ranked first in the world. College athletes mean that they should not only study as well as ordinary students, but also take into account daily training and regular competitions. Tennis is no longer the "only one" in Zhu Aiwen's life. Under the guarantee of high-quality learning environment, her knowledge and cognition are constantly improved. At the same time, a clearer mode of thinking can also help her analyze her problems on the court efficiently. In the process of balancing her studies and tennis life, Zhu Aiwen has been able to move to a higher level in her mentality and thinking.

Talking about this university experience, Zhu Aiwen frankly said that she had benefited a lot: "the first is the change of mentality. In the face of life, I have become more independent and confident than before. I graduated from American university successfully, which convinced me that even if I didn't play tennis, I was also competent for other jobs. The second is the change of thinking mode. Now I am more focused on the process of doing a good job. I have a deeper understanding of my playing skills and sports ability. When problems arise, I will try to solve them, so as to constantly challenge myself and surpass myself. "

With the support of teammates and coaches and his own efforts, Zhu was able to get out of the low period during university and regain her tennis heart: "the university provides a lot of competition opportunities, from which I have accumulated a lot of experience, and has been constantly improving the level of competition. And most of them are group games, which has inspired my morale better. As the No.1 singles of the school, I will have a sense of responsibility to lead everyone to progress together. I was also fortunate to meet my teammates and coaches who have been encouraging me. With the help of everyone and their efforts, I have been completely "rescued" from the low and regain my love for tennis. "

Source: CTA Tour


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