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Tianlong tennis was ed as one of the "top 30 enterprises in Longwan manufacturing industry with average benefit per mu"
Article Source:     release time:2021-08-07     Views:1488

   Recently, the conference on the high-quality development of manufacturing industry in Longwan District (high tech Zone) and the promotion of the construction of Wenzhou industrial new town was held. Zhou Yifu, Secretary of Longwan District Party committee and Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Wenzhou high tech Zone, made an important speech at the meeting. At the meeting, he commended the awards such as "leading the top 30 enterprises in terms of per mu benefit of Longwan District manufacturing industry in 2020". Zhejiang Tianlong tennis Co., Ltd. was listed on the list, and deputy general manager Li Guohua received the certificate and plaque on behalf of the company.

Promote the high-quality development of enterprises by "per mu". Zhejiang Tianlong tennis Co., Ltd., founded in 1988, is a professional tennis production enterprise with a history of more than 30 years. The company adheres to building a "national and world" Tianlong brand as the core, relying on scientific and technological innovation, and has embarked on a new way to improve "average benefit per mu" through brand appreciation.

In recent years, Tianlong has performed well on the international stage. In foreign countries, it cooperated with foreign customers Wal Mart and gamma sports, participated in sponsoring international events, appeared in international tennis courts again and again, let the world see the charm of Chinese tennis brands, and was selected as the official designated ball for national events of Singapore Tennis Association (STA). At home, Tianlong was selected to use the ball in the tennis match of the 14th National Games, China Tennis Tour and other events, so as to continuously improve the influence of Tianlong brand. At the same time, as the drafting unit of the national standard of tennis, Tianlong tennis continues to lead the development of the tennis industry through product process innovation and standardization.

In the face of the epidemic disrupting the pace of the global economy, Tianlong tennis set up a cross-border e-commerce operation team this year, opened the Amazon North America site, made efforts in the North American market, further improved the sales and share of Tianlong brand in the North American market, opened a new journey of internationalization of teloon brand and opened a new blue ocean of cross-border e-commerce.


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